All-In-One Luxury Entertainment

We transform spaces into cinematic experiences with audiovisual systems that hide in artisanal furniture.

Our systems are a fraction of the cost of traditional cinematic media setups with no sacrifice to quality.


All Inclusive

Projector + Screen + Sound system + Custom furniture

Installation Simplified

Easy for anyone, anywhere with a single outlet plug to power entire system

Versatile & Upgradable

Apple TV, Streaming Service, and Gaming System compatible. Furthermore, the system is designed to embrace new technology and can be updated with the latest and greatest tech available.

Design is in the Details

We combined best in class technology with hand-crafted American made furniture to deliver a premium experience and a world class product.


Our credenza is 108 inches wide by 23 inches tall and just 23 inches deep. It houses a 110-inch screen, and all the required electronic components (click below for details). The credenzas provide plenty of additional storage while allowing for decorative items to be placed on them and art above them.

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Benches & Window Seats

Our benches house screens of 100, 110, and 120 inches, and have depths of 27, 29, and 31 inches respectively. Our window seats house screens of 110 and 120 inches and have a depth of just 23.75 inches.

Add upholstery and all these pieces provide beautiful and comfortable seating to complement your décor. And, of course, our systems also allow for either unblocked views to the outside or plenty of wall space on which to hang art.

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  • Client
    “Vanish Media Systems is the best thing to happen to home entertainment and to home decor that I have seen.”
  • Client
    “I never need to go out to a movie theater again.”
  • Client
    “So ingeniously simple to set up, it transforms any room into a magical place.”
  • Client
    “The scale and clarity of the picture plus the depth of the sound cocoons you and lifts you out of daily life into another world.”
  • Client
    “Watching a movie on a Vanish Media System is mind blowing!”
  • Client
    “Obsessed! - above and beyond my expectations!”
  • Client
    “Wow!! We are so blown away!! Incredible products. You described it to us, but we had no idea it would be like this!”
  • Client - Levitt Pavilion, Westport
    Received a text while at the Levitt Pavilion, Westport:
    Me: Sorry, I’m at the Levitt - can we text?
    Client: Just calling to say we LOOOOVVVE our Vivid-Tek!!!
    Client - Levitt Pavilion, Westport
  • Client - Levitt Pavilion, Westport
    Text received right after installing a system in Boca Raton:
    Obsessed - above and beyond my expectations!! Thank you so much!!! You were wonderful to work with!
    Client - Levitt Pavilion, Westport
  • Client - Boca Raton
    Text Exchange with client who finally, after a hectic move into her apartment, had a moment to settle down and turn on her new system:
    Client: Holy Hell Mark
    Mark: You’re Hilarious!
    Client: This is truly amazing
    Client: Like WOWWW
    Client: You’re a genius
    Me: You’re the best - thanks!
    Client - Boca Raton
  • Fiona Garland - Westport Client
    Watching a movie on a Vivid-Tek screen is mind blowing! The scale and clarity of the picture plus the depth of the sound cocoons you and lifts you out of daily life and into another world. So ingeniously simple to set up, it transforms any room into a magical place. I never need to go out to a movie theater again.
    Fiona Garland - Westport Client
  • Mayfair Construction - Top Quality Luxury Home Builder & Hamptons Client
    Fantastic resolution and sound. Highly recommend it.
    Mayfair Construction - Top Quality Luxury Home Builder & Hamptons Client
  • RP Manhattan Luxury Apartment Client
    Vivid-Tek Hidden Home Theater is a brilliant design solution to one of the great design problems facing homeowners: how do you create a world-class screening room set-up without having the wall space to do so? Mark Motyl has found the answer. Exhaustive research to source the best audio visual equipment, combined with high quality cabinetry, allows the owner to have their cake and eat it too: I bought a cabinet that is roughly 10 feet long to go against a wall packed with art in a NYC apartment. When I want to watch a movie or television, I open a hidden compartment in the top of the cabinet, push a button, and a huge screen unfurls right out of the cabinet. Voila — a home projection movie theater experience. It has been an awesome way to avoid having the ubiquitous black TV that hangs in every home, and instead be able to hang art. The screen retracts and hides away again when you are done watching. The quality is projection-room performance — state-of-the-art levels. The sound is truly surround sound — also incredible. I think Vivid-Tek is the best thing to happen to home entertainment and to home decor that I have seen. I would highly recommend this product as well as the top level customer service Vivid-Tek provides. 10 out of 10 score!
    RP Manhattan Luxury Apartment Client
  • Christopher Pagliaro - Architect
    As an architect who designs to views, tv's and screen positioning has always been a challenge because of the contradiction of room/view orientation in planning.  Vivid-Tek has changed all of that with their revolutionary product!  The combination of simplicity and extreme high quality is a dream come true!
    Christopher Pagliaro - Architect
  • Vinod Pujar (Cape Cod Client)
    I have had the bench system installed by Mark for about three months now. First, the ordering and customizing and installation of the system could not have gone any smoother. Mark was professional and extremely responsive and meticulous with the entire process. The bench is built from high-quality materials down to the last detail, including the hinges and top finishes. As part of the installation, Mark took care of everything including the hardware and software set up and while it took a couple hours to set it all up, Mark was very patient throughout all of it and ensured that I was entirely satisfied. All it takes now is just a click of a button for the screen to rise from the bench and you can immerse yourself into any content of your choice rendered in vivid colors with a great sound system from JBL completely integrated. Overall, very pleased with the purchase.
    Vinod Pujar (Cape Cod Client)
  • Samantha K
    Let me say up front that I have not yet purchased this product. I did have a chance to see it in action in the Vivid-Tek showroom. I was expecting to see just another version of a home theater. I could not have been more wrong. The technology is so much simpler, yet in my experience, so much better than a typical home theater. When not in use, the large screen hides in a sleek piece of furniture. When you want to use it, it takes less than a minute for the screen to appear after the push of a single button. No crazy wires – just plug and play, and only one remote! In addition to its simplicity, the viewing experience was immersive. I can only compare the feeling to that I get while watching an Omnimax movie. This held true for the nature show, the blockbuster movie snippet, and the audio streaming of Rush's Tom Sawyer. All part of the demo and all fantastic! If you are in the market for a new television/home theater or other audiovisual technology, I highly recommend checking out the showroom in person. This will be my go-to when it is time for us to purchase.
    Samantha K
  • Marisa

    Vanish Media Systems has an amazing new showroom in Westport. Their revolutionary new media products are going to take this town, and possibly the nation, by storm.

    Marisa Maclean
    Westport Lifestyle Magazine
  • Diana Mashia p 500

    Total game changer for family Zoom calls, Vivian’s piano lessons, and family movie nights. Now that we have one, we can't imagine our home without one.

    Diana Mashia
    Invest In Her Art
  • Thomas Fiffer Headshot p 800

    Vanish Media Systems has solved a problem people face – how to have high-quality streaming video and audio without having to assemble and disassemble a lot of equipment or ruining the decor.

    Thomas Fiffer
  • Timothy Ryan Shot 2021 08 15 at 1.43.14 PM p 500

    Once this catches on, keeping up with demand will be your biggest challenge.

    Timothy Ryan
    Mayfair Construction
  • Allison Walmark p 500

    Wow!! We are both so blown away!! Incredible products. You described it to us, but we had no idea it would be like this!!! We could have stayed for hours!

    Allison Ziering Walmark